BASIL will take place on September 4th 2021 at Park Matilo in Leiden, from 12:00 to 0:00. If you come by public transport, take the bus to the Leiderdorpsebrug stop. From here it is a five minute walk to Park Matilo. Are you coming by bike? Bicycle storage is available on the terrain.

House rules

Of course we have some house rules that you have to follow so our festival can be as much fun as possible, which is why we ask you to read them. When you enter the terrain, you automatically agree to our rules.

Take it with you or not?

BASIL is a free festival, but entrance checks are held. The following things are not allowed on the premises:

  • Pets (excluding assistance or guide dogs)
  • Weapons or other things that can serve as such
  • Fireworks
  • Perfume, deodorant, or other aerosols
  • Glass and cans
  • Food or drinks you brought with you
  • Hard drugs
  • Umbrellas with a sharp tip
  • Barbecues or other material that allows you to make fire
  • Professional cameras

Furthermore, we do not appreciate these actions either:

  • Wild peeing (there are just toilets, really)
  • Stagediving/crowdsurfing
  • Climbing on the fences, stages, stalls, staff, etc.
  • Destruction, theft and brawls and such. You will be handed over to the police and you will be charged for any damages
  • Handing out flyers

The judgment of the security staff is binding.

You can take the following things with you:

  • Empty bottle to fill with water
  • Picnic rug to sit on
  • Raincoat
  • Warm sweater

Festival crew

BASIL is fully organized and run by volunteers. So be a little kind to us and to each other. Our crew takes care of your safety together with security and police, for example in the event of an emergency. Therefore, please follow the crew's instructions at all times. We also expect you to cooperate with the bag check when entering the terrain.


BASIL is a sustainable festival. In addition to attracting hippies, we are also organizing a festival as sustainably as possible and we need your help with that. So throw litter in the trash and throw your sigaret butts in the designated flower pots. As you should, right?

Age check

Everyone is welcome at our festival site. To drink alcohol you have to be 18 years or older. Upon presentation of your ID card, driver's license or passport, you can get a stamp at the entrance. This way the bar staff can easily see that you are allowed to drink. Please note that no age checks are done at the bar, so just get one of our cool stamps.


We have a media crew on the terrain. These people can photograph or film you, so don't forget to laugh! In principle, you agree to this as soon as you enter the terrain, but if you really don't want it, you can contact us.

All rights are reserved by the artists and performers for both sound and image. Professional cameras are not allowed, but a blurry picture for your snapchat story or insta is of course totally fine, don't forget to tag us so that we can enjoy with you!